Real-time Hair Tutorial

Real-Time Hair Tutorial

2 years ago I decided to master real-time grooming. I watched every single video on youtube and bought many courses, but still, there were many gaps in my knowledge and skill. Years of industry practice and lots of work did help me to sort out all my questions and find solutions to the most common problems.

Real-time hair creation has broadened my prospects as a game character artist and helped to make my way to AAA games. So my main goal was to share my experience in real-time grooming and to help game artists in mastering it.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the whole pipeline to make real-time hair. I have collected the best tips and pieces of advice to make your studying comfortable and fulfilled. I can’t teach you how to make things beautiful, but I can give you all tools and practical techniques to open you the world of real-time grooming.

This Tutorial Has 5 Voiced Main Parts  – Over 5 hours

  • (1) Blockout Section
  • (2) Xgen Introduction and Modifiers
  • (3) Baking maps
  • (4) Placing haircards in 2 techniques
  • (5) Exporting and Rendering
  • (6) Extra part with video and tips material on  •Dreadlocks   •Braids   • Haircap
  • All parts include slides with shortcuts, tips, and insights on industry standards.

I also include UE4.25 scene for render, Marmoset Bundle, and 2 mannequins  which you can use for your purposes.

Some repetitive parts of videos are time-lapsed and the Extra part (6) of this tutorial is not voiced (but still has all slides describing main processes and tips)

I tried to make this tutorial suitable for complete beginners, so in voiced parts, I describe every process, but still many basic things such as UI or software navigation are not covered in this tutorial.
In the 4-th part I show 2 ways of placing the cards. The first one doesn`t require any additional software or plugin, but if you want to use the second one, you would need to buy a plugin. Partly because of this reason I priced the tutorial a bit cheaper than I wanted to do in the beginning.

I use Zbrush, Maya 2018 and 2020 (doesn’t matter), Photoshop, Unreal Engine, and Marmoset toolbag, but you might find this tutorial useful even if your software preferences differ. I tried to include as much practical industry info as I could.

Included in the ZIP files

  • 15 GB of Files
  • 9 Video Tutorials
  • 9 Presentation Files with Tips
  • over 5 hours video tutorials split into 10 Videos
  • Unreal  Engine Scene
  • Marmoset Bundle
  • 2 Mannequins + extra preset for braids

Wish you to have a nice grooming!


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  • Great Course to get started with

    Maria did a great job with the content here, she is transparent about all the possible problems one may face working with the hairs, and her workflow is totally up to today’s day and age. However, the only place I felt there was less emphasis was, on hair card placement. She did mention how to work with placing the hair cards and even explained her framework in wonderful cheat sheets. But the timelapse element just made it very unattractive and hard to figure out the anatomy of hairs, which I feel is to a personal level dependent on us as well.

    Why you should buy this course?
    * If you are totally new to this side of character art and want to know the industry workflow.
    * If you are willing to study hair on your own, as this course will prepare you. But the real value is all on your motivation(I am on the same page, so we are grinding together HAHA).
    *CHEAT SHEETS they are crazy good.

    Why you should not buy this course?
    *If you are not a fan of timelapse. And want a more in-depth hair tutorial.

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  • Excellent

    I bought three hair tutorials (2 xgen and one for blender) and this one was by far the best. Every video she goes over what she is going to do before she does it with handy slides that are included as a pdf which is really helpful for future projects. Pacing is good and only really repetitive tasks are timlapsed. The time lapses are also only slightly sped up making it easy to still follow along.

    There is also nice bonus videos showing how to do braids, dreadlocks and a haircup/short hair.

    The addon used is actually very cheap ($25 on artstation) And looks to be 100% worth having. She does show a how to make hair without any extra plugins.

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  • Priceless

    Everything you need to know about hair creation in one place. Without any irrelevant information. From the basics in Maya to advanced techniques with helpful additional plugins.
    P.S. An amazing PDF with tips. I printed it and pinned it on my wall.

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  • Not quite what I expected

    this is definitely not worth 50 dollars, she shows you how to work with the tools and how to make simple hair cards which up until that point everything is good but where things fall apart is when she finally starts making the hair, she makes a small portion of the hair style using tools inside of maya, but for the rest of hair(ponytail…etc) she introduces a new tool which is a paid plug-in on top of having paid 50 bucks, I need to spend another 20 on the plugin, which is not what I paid 50 bucks for, I paid thinking that we´ll only be using the tools inside of maya which provides a challenge, If I had known we´d be using a paid plug-in I would´ve rather went on youtube and gotten a similar experience, not to mention that most of the tutorial is sped-up footage with music layered on top, I´m pretty sure she put a lot of effort in, but this feels more like something I would find on a youtube series and not a premium one.

    My advice is you´re better off getting this tutorial when it´s 50% off or 75% off, I think that´s a fair price for it.

    P.S Don´t let my review discourage you! you did great in explaining what needs to be explained as I watched the time-lapse I understood everything you did thanks to the first parts of the tutorial where you explained the fundamentals and I honestly can´t thank you enough for all of the screenshots that had tips in them so I won´t have to make my own, I just felt that the price was too much for how the tutorial was handled but keep up the great work!

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  • Simple and Good Tutorial

    Great tutorial! I definitely recommend it for all levels.
    Thanks Maria Puchkova for your hard work invested on this.

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