Realistic Anatomy of Vagina for Study

  • Restrictions:
  • (a) publishing, selling, distributing, or making the Product available to others in digital form for use, downloading, or copying;
  • (b) setting yourself up as the creator or owner of the Property;

  • All İnformation About 3D Mesh / Digital Sculpture:

  • — This 3D Mesh is Not a CT-Scan.
  • — 3D Mesh Made From the ZBrush Software.
  • — İ do not work with: Retopology; Animation Rigging; Paint Texture; Materials; UV Mapping; Unwrapped UVs or Plugins. Sorry!
  • — TotalPoints: 1.767.906.
  • — Vertices: 5.303.718.
  • — Size: 70.1 MB.

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