Realistic Character Sculpting for Games in Maya & Zbrush

Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modelling for Game in Maya & Zbrush course. This 21+ hours of video content will teach you how to model and sculpt realistic human characters from scratch step by step.

Do you have any of these Problems?

  • Do you lack confidence when it comes to Realistic character modelling?
  • Is your character model looking like a cartoon or alien even if you don’t want that?
  • Are you fine with props or non-organic modeling but find character modeling is difficult?
  • Do you want to become a character modelling artist but find it difficult to model realistic characters?
  • Do you wonder How professional people model such realistic characters?
  • Do you want to switch to character modelling from props or Environment?

If any of these problems sounds like you are having then this is the perfect course for you.

About the instructor:

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator.

I began my career as a traditional clay Sculptor. My professional qualification is BFA. I have passed out from B.K College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institutions such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.

Why Should you take this Course?

Learning realistic character modelling is a necessary step towards becoming a character modelling artist for games and films. Character modeling artist position is a highly rewarded and demanding position in the Film and Game industry.

By the end of this course, you will be able to model realistic human characters for your portfolio so that you can apply for your dream job.

If you are a freelancer then you can learn this and add a new earning method to your bag.

You are going to be a better artist after completing this course.

If you are a student then this is the best course because it shows you how to model a professional quality character model with a step by step approach so that you can follow along.

List of Major Components

Let’s see how the course is designed and what’s there for you. There are 15 modules.

  • 1. Introduction
    Introduce you with the concept of art and course project.
  • 2. Maya Basics For Beginners
    Maya Basics and this is for absolute Maya beginners.
  • 3. Character Body Modeling in Maya
    Learn Maya modeling tools to model character body
  • 4. Jacket, Pant and Hat Modeling
    Learn Maya modeling tools to model Jacket and Hat
  • 5. Gloves and Accessories Modeling
    Learn Maya modeling tools to model Gloves base mesh
  • 6. Gun Modeling in Maya
    You will learn hard surface modelling in Maya by doing a realistic Gun for the character.
  • 7. Zbrush Basics For Beginners
    Zbrush Basics and again this is for absolute Zbrush beginners.
  • 8. Character Body Sculpting
    Head and Hand anatomy. How to sculpt realistic Lips, Nose, Eyes and Ears.
  • 9. Skin Detailing
    I am going to reveal how to sculpt photo-realistic skin detailing such as pores, fine wrinkles, skin bumps and most importantly how the skin is different in different areas of the face and hand.
  • 10. Sculpting Hair with Fiber mesh
    using Fiber mesh to create Hair, Beard, Mustache Eye Brows, Eye Lashes and Body Fur.
  • 11. Detailing the Jacket
    I am going to work on the Jacket detailing. In this module you are going to learn how to model torn shirts, Adding wear and tear, Creating your costume alpha and many more things.
  • 12. Pant Sculpting
    you will learn different types of folds and how to sculpt those folds on the pant, You will also learn Unwrapping UVs in Zbrush , adding Surface textures, stitching details and memory folds.
  • 13. Shoes Sculpting with Zmodeler in Zbrush
    Shoe sculpting with Zmodeler in Zbrush here you will learn to use Zmodeler to model the sole trade pattern, Making the shoe lace with Curve brush and adding stitching to the shoe.
  • 14. Gun Holster Detailing
    In this module, you are going to learn to sculpt the Gun Holster.
  • 15. Conclusion & Wrap up
    in this Final module I am going to conclude and wrap up the course.

For detailed course curriculum please check the Curriculum For This Course category on this landing page.

Ideal Students

I designed this course for beginner to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model photo realistic character but struggles with making the character look realistic.

Still confused  whether you should take this course or not,  then this should give you some push.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I’ll see you in lesson 1.


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  • Missing skin alphas

    The course overall it’s quite good, but I can’t find a lot of the alphas used in the course for the hand and arm skin.
    The alpha Folder contains only the alphas, where is the rest?

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  • Chapter 1-35 files do not open

    Hi, I recently bought this course but chapters 1-35 do not open as it says that the files are corrupted. Is there anyway you could help me with this?

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    • We’re having a look now and it sounds like you need to use a different archiver for extracting the zip. We also get the same error here, but as soon as you switch to Keka if you’re on a Mac or 7Zip for Windows, the archive opens without any problems. Give it a go and let us know if it works 🙂

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  • Probably my favorite purchase so far

    The course comes in easily digestible chunks that are straight to the point and don’t waste your time, and comes with plenty of references on top of project files to get you started. With each program, he teaches you the basics of navigating and even shows tricks that can help you with your sculpting. The Maya portion of the course can be followed with any other 3D program as long as you know how to use it. I highly recommend it

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  • where is the textiles folder

    hi can you tell me where is the textiles folder? I can’t find the fleece alpha. thank you.

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