Realistic FUR Brushes for CLIP STUDIO PAINT

20 excellent brushes for CLIP STUDIO PAINT,

which I created for perfect fur when you’re painting fluffy animals, furries, etc.

“I’ve worked to learn how to draw realistic fur quite a lot of time. And I can be proud that I’m reached this goal. To simplify matters I created a series of brushes for myself, and I’ve decided to share them with you.
My brushes allow to create high-quality realistic fur image, that’s why I made them not free. But I’m sure, you’ll appreciate the assistance that they will bring you in the work!
In fact, I prefer working in Photoshop. But I used the same brush steps to create Sub Tools for Clip Studio Paint, added similar settings and tested them to be sure: these sub tools allow to get such results as I reached here. ”  Sincerely yours, Eldar

All brushes were made in 1.6.3 Version.

You’ll receive:

  • ZIP archive with 20 *.sut files (Clip Studio Paint sub tool files)
  • PDF with instructions on how to install the brushes into your software.

How to install the brush set:

1. After downloading the file unzip it (if this is an archive).
2. Start Clip Studio Paint.
3. Right-click on any brush preset and choose Import sub tool.
4. Choose one of Brush presets (*.sut) from the folder with unzipped files. A new brush
will be created.
5. Then you can add other 19 brushes. I named each of them for comfort usage.
6. Here we are! The basic settings are already made, but you can set your brushes as
you wish.
7. Enjoy and create great artwork! Thank you for the purchase!

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