Realistic Materials – Substance Painter

Realistic Materials – Substance Painter Tutorial
[1hr 46min] Project Files Included

This a step-by-step tutorial showing how to use Substance Painter to apply complex materials to your model.  You will learn everything you need to know from importing models to exporting final texture maps.  By the end of the lesson you will know how to Bake Maps, Work with Multiple Texture Sets, Use Generators, Create Emissive Maps, Use Smart Masks, Add Materials to specific Color IDs and more.

Video Tutorials

Lesson   1:   [2 min]         Launching Substance Painter
Lesson   2:   [10 min]       Baking Maps
Lesson   3:   [9 min]         Materials on Color IDs
Lesson   4:   [13 min]       Generators and Paint Masks
Lesson   5:   [10 min]       Tires and Basket Materials
Lesson   6:   [8 min]         Emissive Lights
Lesson   7:   [11 min]       Editing Baked Maps
Lesson   8:   [12 min]       Stickers

Lesson   9:   [13 min]       Smart Masks (Adding Dirt)
Lesson 10:   [11 min]       Editing Baked Maps
Lesson 11:  [8 min]          Manual Edits

Lesson 12:  [5 min]          Exporting Maps
Lesson 13:  [5 min]          Diliation vs No Padding

All files need Substance Painter 2019.2.3 or newer to open

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