Realistic Woman Model – Lena [naked Version]

This Beautiful Woman has these following features :

Note : Designed for Artist with Basic Level of Knowledge about Texture, Low-Poly Mesh Subdivision and Smoothening and Alpha Maps.

Mesh features :

Low Poly Mesh. Textured with 4K body map textures. Detailed body rigs for animation, mocaps and posing, which makes it ready to use for films, games and animation videos. Detailed breast texture. Model is in Bikini and but clothes mesh can be deleted. Realistic body and face texture.

Hair Details :

Hair style included contains normal polygon count. Eyelashes are designed seperately with detailed lash texture. Eyebrows are also part of the mesh and designed seperately with seperate texture, which adds extra detail to model and make it appear more realistic.

Bones & Rigs :

Detailed facial rig for more realistic emotion and expressions. Detailed body rig great for animation and mocaps.

Poly Count :

Complete Count : P : 126771 | V : 122992

This is a Subdivision Ready Low-Poly Model. This beautiful woman character model comes with have a detailed set of 4k texture maps. Use of SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering) Material can enhance the look of the renders.

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