References for Studies

This pack has been designed and built, especially for painting training.

I have tried to put together the most varied and stimulating selection possible so that you keep your desire to train at its maximum.


Oriented for BACKGROUND Artists.


Those photos explore a large variety of locations, animals, vegetals, modern & old buildings, skies, fancy decorations, industrial elements, urban, transportation, weather, and more; 

all passing through various settings of the day.

Shot in many different countries.




181 jpegs. 

Size can vary, but the quality is always way enough for this use.




Great references to learn about lighting, material treatment, reflections, scale, colors, brushwork… etc, 

You can go for realistic treatment or even stylization. I put a few examples on the main covers.

Those refs can also be used just for inspiration.


I hope you will have great use of it and learn a lot with this one! It means a lot to me.


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