Retopologized 3D Hand Scan | Malachi Sugihen

Real Life Human Scans is a project by which focus on diversity of human bodies, faces and expressions.

Each hand is unique, beautiful and specific in its own way.

Ethnicity: Indian

Gender: male

Age: 41

Height: 192 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Technical Specifications:

– 1 x high poly model – .ZTL file / 7 subdivision levels (1700 polygons at lowest subdivision level)

– 1 x low poly model – .OBJ file

– 8 x texture set – diffuse, specular, gloss, displacement, normal, AO, cavity, thickness

NOTE: This is a retopologized scan with postproduction.

Zbrush file contains subdivision levels and OBJ file at lowest subdiv level. provides all you need from virtual casting studio.

Model casting, neutral & morph expression scans, full body scans,

accessories and cloth scans, 3D postproduction, photoshooting of full body,

portrait, hair, eyes and skin & other on demand services.

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