Retopology in Blender

Learn how to do retopology in Blender using simple and effective techniques. We cover all the tools you’ll need as well as a lot of fundamental theory. With over 4 hours of training, this covers everything you need to know about retopology. By the end, you’ll know how to retopo your all own characters!

Industry Techniques

Your instructor, Henning Sanden, has been doing retopology for characters for over a decade – most notably he retopologized the Xenomorph from Alien Covenant. The techniques shown in this series are exactly the same as the ones used on the Xenomorph.


We focus heavily on strong fundamentals in Retopology in Blender. Instead of just showing you the different steps, we cover why you retopo like you do. The concepts shown are applicable in all 3D software and are universal.

Blender Retopology Tools

Throughout Retopology in Blender, we’ll use the default modeling tools. No plugins needed! Blender has a great set of tools which are excellent for retopology. We cover all the modeling tools needed, like extrude, polybuild, merge, f2 – and many more!


  • 15 HD Training Videos
  • Working files for all Chapters

Chapter List

  • 01 – Why Do We Retopo?
  • 02 – Customizing Blender 2.81
  • 03 – Retopo Settings
  • 04 – Retopo Tools
  • 05 – Retopo Theory and Process
  • 06 – Connecting High and Low Topo
  • 07 – Body Topo Theory
  • 08 – FAQ
  • Modeling the Face – Part 1 – Blocking the Loops
  • Modeling the Face – Part 2 – Filling in the Loops
  • Modeling the Face – Part 3 – ears
  • Modeling the Face – Part 4 – refinement
  • Modeling the Face – Part 5 – finishingTheHead
  • Modeling the Face – Part 6 – Gums and Teeth
  • Modeling the Face – Part 7 – Finalizing

Software Used

  • Blender 2.81


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  • A good one

    There is a missing part at the beginning of ‘modelingTheFace part2 fillInLoop’ (at about 0:28).
    And I was a little disappointed that there was no tutorial on retopo the body.

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  • Awesome, thanks for this creative way to retopologize!

    this is an incredible resource for learning a professional approach and workflow with Blender 3D. The folks here really know what they’re talking about and have the work and deliverables to prove it. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to improve their skills!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Very easy to understand retopo procedure

    Very well done. Learned a lot. Doing it a couple of times with my own head models. At my age, I need to do this process a few times for it to sink in. Getting “thick-headed

    Thank you for your feedback.

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