Ribbon Creation Tool

Ribbon Creation Tool

Ribbons form the foundations to many rigs, but they can be time consuming to create. With this tool I want to take the pain out of building ribbons and give you the option to quickly create a biped limb ribbon, a quadruped limb ribbon and a more custom ribbon based off a models surface, which can then be used to simulate muscle movement.

Tool Features!

  • Build basic ribbons with any number of joints.
  • Automatically add controls to the ribbons.
  • Offers support for different joint orientations so they match your base skeleton.
  • Now includes quadruped support so you can create ribbons with two knee joints.
  • Convert a surface into a ribbon tool.
  • Also has matrix support for Maya 2020+.
  • Convert a follicle based ribbon into a matrix based one.

Watch this in depth tutorial video the learn more.

Now includes the 2.8 BETA – Please report any bugs found when using this version.

Version 2.8 BETA Updates

  • Various bug fixes
  • You only need to select the root joint now to use snap to joints
  • Ribbon length now uses the length of the joints, if one is selected, to get the perfect fit
  • Added the Extra Group Option which creates an extra group under the offset groups
  • Added The Simplify Ribbon option which creates a simpler and less dense ribbon
  • Fixed a bug where the deformers wouldn’t apply in the correct order

Version 2.5 Updates

  • Added Sine Deformer
  • Added Twist Deformer
  • Added Jiggle Deformer
  • UI Updates & Bug Fixes

See the updates in action – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV3Duv6DNoM

Version 2.2 Updates

  • Tweak Controls
  • Angle Controls
  • Remember Previous Settings
  • Hide News & Updates Section
  • Bug Fixes

See the updates in action – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkJxSdH5T5Q

Version 2.0 Updates

  • Matrix Ribbon Support
  • Quadruped Ribbon Support
  • Added Global Scale Support
  • UI Updates
  • Automatic Control Colours
  • Bug Fixes

Many more updates to come in the future including

  • Automatic Ribbon Weighting


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