Rigging in Maya: Quadruped

Rigging In Maya: Quadruped

Welcome to my Rigging in Maya series.

In this pack you will be downloading all the source files, scripts and all 20 Videos, which include 12 hours of in-depth tutorials, in Full HD and Advert Free. All for you to keep.

The plan with this series is to take things back to basics as I go through each element separately, so you get a clearer understanding of the whole rigging process.

This pack contains videos 18 to 37 in the series which focus on more advanced areas as we develop a quadruped rig for use in VFX. Parts 1 to 17 are sold separately and cover the fundamentals as well as building a biped rig.

The videos cover

  • Ribbons
  • Model & Rig Preparation
  • Driver Skeleton
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python – Joint Chains
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python – IK & FK Systems
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python – Squash & Stretch
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python – Roll & Twist Joints
  • Automatic Limb Rigging using Python – Volume Preservation
  • Limb Ribbons
  • Limb Ribbon Deformers
  • Spline & Ribbon Based Spine
  • Spine, Neck & Head
  • Dynamic Tail & Ears
  • Paw Joystick Controls – Roll & Bank
  • Additional Paw Controls
  • Ribbon Based Facial Rig
  • IK, FK, & Spline Tongue Rig
  • Skinning with ngSkinTools
  • Global Control Support
  • Finalize Your Rig

Now includes all the scripts used in the videos!

  • Ribbon Tool
  • Quick Limb Tool
  • Dynamic Joint Chain Tool

Also comes with two bonus videos!

  • Quadruped Rig Limb Comparisons
  • Create a Python UI

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