Rigging Nude Females in Blender, Lesson 6, Breasts

Complete Course Overview

There are a lot of things you see on a nude that you don’t see on a clothed model. From the scapula to the shoulder, the hips to the toes, there are a lot of concerns that traditional character rigging tutorial series skip. We will skip none of these.

When viewing a nude character, all of her joints, bends, and creases must be addressed. If we fail that, the nude will look low-quality and strange.

Improper treatment of these items lead to drinking-straw collapsed elbows, awful disjointed hips, and necks that look like they belong on a monster. Not only will we improve on these joints, but sometimes we will go above and beyond to add subtle deforms that give a subtle punch to the render that everyone will notice and appreciate, but unlikely even the pros will be able to explain the difference that puts your renders above-and-beyond.

In short, this series of tutorial videos will teach you the required techniques and skills to make your nude character attractive and human-looking.

We will concentrate mostly on Monette Taida, the surfer girl character pictured on this page. She is thin, but not overly so, with enough fatty portions to make her rig more average than, eg, Lilithe Classica, whose rig must take into account how skinny she is.

Monette Taida also is a large-breasted character, which will make the breast rigging portion of the course more obviously beneficial.

This Lesson: Breasts

Monette Taida features large breasts so that the benefits of rigging the breasts will be clear. We will include the effects of gravity, so when our model is sideways, on her back, or upside-down, her breasts will fall naturally. We will also do basic collision with her upper-arms, since it is a very common situation for women posing nude to push and manipulate their breasts incidentally with their upper arms.

There is a bone that remains far below the rig at all times that allows us to know where “gravity goes.” We will use this to cause her breast mass and nipples to react correctly to gravity. We will also allow the nipple to be pulled, stretched, and moved, which will cause the breast to expand/move properly along with it. Finally, we will briefly touch upon Lilithe Classica, a small-breasted woman. This way we can think about how to rig breasts in general, both for large and small women.


  1. (34m33s) Session 1: Setup All Basics with Constraints
  2. (16m28s) Session 2: Checking Poses, Fixing Constraints, Add Arm Collision
  3. (11m35s) Session 3: Breast Jiggly Physics
  4. (4m53s)  Session 4: Breast Stretch and Jiggle Bone Location Tweaks
  5. (22m51s) Session 5.0: Small-Breasted Lilithe First Pass
  6. (3m12s)  Session 5.1: Small-Breasted Lilithe Refined


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