Roman Imperial Caesareum Temple


Hello my 3D friends,

Here we have a lovingly detailed Ancient Roman Caesareum Temple for your consideration

Modelled in Blender 2.79

Tested in Blender 2.80

Cycles/Eevee Render Engines verified

FBX and OBJ Formats also provided

Textures also provided

Height Maps also provided in Textures folder if required

Textured in Substance Painter 2

2K Resolution

PBR Metalrough

All Modifiers closed

No doubles or loose vertices

Basic lighting set up in the Blender file

HDRI not included (There are loads of free ones available)

Once unzipped you will have 4 folders, each containing the following:




+ All Texture Maps (2048×2048)

Scale applied in metric:

X: 19.7m

Y: 25.0m

Z: 15.7m


F: 37,115

V: 36,874

T: 72,488

Nice Asset for your Roman or Greek Project / Game

Centre of Origin : Centre of Base, so easy to import into your game Engine for correct placement

This model forms part of my extensive Ancient Assets Pack which is also available here on Flipped Normals:

If you wish to view this model in 360 degrees on Sketchfab please use the image link provided

Thank you for your attention

Any queries please do message me

If you do decide to purchase this model it helps a lot so thank you!

Regards and best wishes


Related Information:

A Caesareum was a temple devoted to the Imperial cult. Caesarea were located throughout the Roman Empire, and often funded by the imperial government, tending to replace state spending on new temples to other gods, and becoming the main or only large temple in new Roman towns in the provinces. This was the case at Évora, Vienne and Nîmes, which were all expanded by the Romans as coloniae from Celtic oppida soon after their conquest. Imperial temples paid for by the government usually used conventional Roman styles all over the empire, regardless of the local styles seen in smaller temples. In newly planned Roman cities the temple was normally centrally placed at one end of the forum, often facing the basilica at the other.

In the city of Rome, a Caesareum was located within the religious precinct of the Arval Brothers. In 1570, it was documented as still containing nine statues of Roman emperors in architectural niches. Most of the earlier emperors had their own very large temples in Rome,[4] but a faltering economy meant that the building of new imperial temples mostly ceased after the reign of Marcus Aurelius (d. 180), though the Temple of Romulus on the Roman Forum was built and dedicated by the Emperor Maxentius to his son Valerius Romulus, who died in childhood in 309 and was deified.

One of the earliest and most prominent of the caesarea was the Caesareum of Alexandria, located on the harbor. It was begun by Cleopatra VII of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, to honour her dead lover Julius Caesar, then converted by Augustus to his own cult. During the 4th century, after the Empire had come under Christian rule, it was converted to a church.

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