This is the number one Simple Rope Rig for Maya. Any length, thickness, twist and shape built into an easy-to use rig.  Good for quick and easy pipes, wires, ropes and ropey effects – It can also be used to rig rubber hose type arms and legs.  Essentially any rope type shape can be achieved with this tool.

New! Rope Rig Pro featured in the short film COSMIC CONNECTION by Nick Ladd!
Future plans for this rig include recreating the file as a python procedure, that way you can generate ropes on the fly.

Version 2.0 – some “under the hood” improvements, increased speed and simplicity, file size is down to 70K. Main control object is: CTL. Use ropeEndA and ropeEndB to control the head and tail of the rope, and the 9 sub control objects to adjust your shape.

Version 2.1 – Overhaul and a complete rebuilt using paintFX – now you can scale any part of the rope , added geometry to cap the ends.
Version 2.1.1 – revised some redundant code to reduce filesize by 9 K
Version 2.1.2– Added “Travel” and “Normal” feature to main controller for “travel along path” type behaviour
Version 2.1.3– Fixed the normal problem causing the rope to flatten when rotated.

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