Saint Paul Cathedral Full 3D Scene, Interior / Exterior + Modular Kits

This is a replica of the Saint Paul Cathedral located in London, full exterior and interior environment, made entirely in blender and it uses a full set of tileable textures and trim sheets (for the most part, some assets contain their own texture sets).

The file contains 3 main folders:


– export files: This folder contains all the files containing two scenes, the church scene and the modular kit layered out flattened into the 3D scene individually, without its instances, the files are mainly in .blend format with all the textures packed and the materials set up with its proper vertex painting nodes applied, also it contains a .fbx file and a .usdc file.


– Textures: In case you want to use this file separately in another 3D software (if you want to use it in Unreal Engine 4, check out the other 3D product in my Store containing it), here are all the textures used in the project, some of them contain three different versions (a clean version, a damaged mid version, and a damaged dirty version) in case that you want to blend it using vertex painting. Most of the texture packs are in AORM, AORH, and PBR Metallic Roughness format.


– Substance files: This file contains some of the substance painter files used in this project, mainly the bricks and wall textures.


The scene contains 383 individual meshes and it uses 5900+ objects instancing those meshes, so the scene uses the modular kit approach.


If you do not count the instancing polycount, the whole scene contains only 1.5M faces.

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