SC20 Hibernation Chamber

SC20 Hibernation Chamber is the first pack of a huge project (SC20) what will include several sci-fi scenes.
It contains a high quality environment and various props like adjustable hibernation pods, laser scanner to create visually attractive images.
Besides its own dedicated parts it also contains ‘Bonus Props’ like movable doors, windows, medboxes, seats, etc. to offer visual consistency and expandability for the upcoming scenes, letting artists to create ‘interactions/animations’ through future scenes.

What’s Included and Features

  • SC20 Hibernation Chamber
  • Scenes (.DUF)
    • SC20 Hibernation Chamber Full Scene.duf
    • SC20 Bonus Props.duf
  • Subsets (.DUF)
    • SC20 Hibernation Chamber Set.duf
    • SC20 Hibernation Chamber Cameras.duf
  • Hibernation Chamber Props (.DUF)
    • Cable
    • Cupboard
    • Hibernation POD Base (Under Construction)
    • Hibernation POD (Adjustable with sliders)
    • POD Sliding Part
    • POD Glass (glass part of the POD)
    • Pump
    • Scanner (Adjustable with sliders)
    • Sparks in 2 colors (yellow and blue)
    • ToolBoxes in 4 colors
    • Wrench
  • Bonus Props (.DUF)
    • 5 Locks
    • 1 Switch
    • 5 Doors (Adjustable with sliders)
    • 4 Door Frames
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • MedBox in 2 colors
    • Seat
    • Shelves in 2 sizes
    • 2 Window Shutters (Adjustable with sliders)
    • 2 Window Frames (Adjustable with sliders)
  • Lighting Material Settings (.DUF)
    • SC20HIB Ceiling Lights OFF.duf
    • SC20HIB Ceiling Lights ON.duf
  • Render settings (.DUF)
    • SC20 Hibernation Chamber Render Settings.duf
  • Textures Include
    • 65 Texturemaps (.png) for (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Optimized for Iray

Includes the Daz Studio format which is subject to the Daz3D EULA.
_Tafi is the avatar company and developer of the Daz 3D character system. This content was originally developed for Daz Studio._

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