Sci-Fi Modular Outpost

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This Pack Works with Unreal 4.25 or Higher

Modular highly customizable sci-fi environment pack. The pack also consists of smaller modules meant to be used together to create bigger assets (fortifications, walls, corridors). Fully functional blueprints including Splines, Decals, Prefabs and Doors are added to help speed up environment creation. Customizable materials with exposed color, roughness, dirt, edge wear etc. are in material instances so you can easily duplicate and populate the level with visual variations. All assets are checked in different lighting conditions (daylight, overcast, sunset and night) and these lighting scenarios are included in the pack.

Features : 

  • High-quality Modular piece sets.
  • Almost every color and material attribute is controllable with Material instances
  • Vertex paint Assets depending on their base Material (Dirt, Grime, Leaks, Paint wear,…)
  • Includes different Lighting scenarios ( Day, night, sunset and overcast)


More than 120 Static meshes

Collision: Automatic generated

Vertex Count: 0-10590

LODs: (Yes, Except Architectural elements and Vertex painted assets)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 110

Number of Textures: 106

Texture Resolutions: 1K-2K-4K

This Pack Works with Unreal 4.25 or Higher

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