Sci-fi Padded Wall Tutorial

This tutorial is a complete guide on Creating Sci-Fi Padded Wall Material Via Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, and Blender. It consists of tips and tricks that can come in handy throughout this and other projects regarding the creation of materials.

Please note that if you don’t know Marvelous Designer or Blender, there is no problem because in this tutorial the software is not used at a professional level and you can easily learn to work with them as we go along. Also, for the process of turning fabric meshes to alpha, subdividing, and a tad of sculpting you can use the software of your choice instead of Blender.

This tutorial is provided for intermediate Substance Designer learners. The videos are unnarrated, but I use subtitles for a further explanation whenever necessary. further questions or issues can be asked through my Artstation profile.


6 hours tutorial video consists of 7 parts that teach you 7 steps of making the material.

Project files including Substance graph, Marvelous, Blender, and Marmoset Toolbag files, 4k PNG Textures, Fabric alphas, and Decal.

I recommend learning the process of making the graph from the videos and try not to use the provided substance file.


Substance Designer 12.1

Marvelous Designer 10

Blender 2.91.0




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