Sci-fi Polymer Smart Materials

Sci-Fi Polymer Smart Materials

Categories: Black Polymer • White Polymer • Grey Polymer • Blue Polymer • Green Polymer

Places to apply this material: Space Suit • Space Ship Interior • Sci-Fi vehicles • etc

Advantages of this package:

  • Not heavy
  • Customizable
  • High-quality preview

Copy the files “.spsm ” into your Smart Material folder in the Substance Painter shelf folder “Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\smart-materials\” (Or any shelf of yours)

Or you can also drag and drop the material straight into the Substance Painter viewport shelf

Or Import it to the Substance Painter Directly.


  1. This material ONLY be used within the latest version of Substance painter
  2. Made with Substance Painter 2019.3.3

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