Sci-fi Scene – Blender 2.80 – Eevee

Sci-Fi Scene – Blender 2.80 – Eevee

This scene is done with very simple models and textures kitbashed with particle system on basic meshes.
The main purpose here is to show how to setup the scene, particle system, lights and fog.
The framerate is fairly decent in Solid or even Look Def mode. But if you need a better viewport framerate, you can lower the Amount % in the Particles tab, Viewport Display section, (It doesn’t affect the final render image).
The textures are made in Substance Designer. SBS file is included.
Note : For some wierd reason, something is broken in the render with the 2.81 beta version of Blender.

WARNING : There is still a bug with the latest release of Blender 2.81. But there is a way to fix it :

1 – Open the Blender file.

2 – Activate the rendered mode (the icon in the top right of the 3d viewport).

3 – Uncheck the Structures collection.

4 – Check the Structures collection.

5 – The bug is gone… But saving your file doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll have to do every time you open Blender.

BUG UPDATE : This scene file works fine with the latest Blender 2.83 alpha.

1.3 Update :

New textures files created this time with “JSplacement” and Substance Designer.

The material name in Blender is “METAL_2” and use the 2.92 version of Blender.


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  • A really useful “Greeble” system for Blender - it’s great!

    I’m just getting into Blender and this scene really helped me. It’s fantastic and I’ve already rendered some lovely shots from it. I even managed to apply the particle system to some models of my own and it looks incredible!

    I was looking for some sort of ‘greeble’ addon for Blender but this is so much better because you can pretty much place anything you want into the particle system and it just works!

    So thank you for this amazing scene – highly recommended!

    Thank you for your feedback.

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