Sci-fi Security Drone (blender)

A Sci-Fi Security Drone Blender 3d model, mechanically rigged and rendered in Eevee. This is the finished tutorial result of my Sci-Fi Security Drone Blender tutorial series. If you’d like to watch the tutorial, you can check it out here. You can also check out the model on Sketchfab here.

Notes: The Drone’s materials have been created procedurally in Blender. The scene is rendered in Blender Eevee, although it will work great in Cycles render as well. The drone model has been mechanically rigged, using parenting and object transform constraints. The model is not rigged with bones.


  • Security Drone Animation Blender File
  • Security Drone Blender File
  • Final Renders
  • Final Animation
  • Modeling Reference Images
  • 6 Sound Effects
  • Building Textures
  • HDRI Lighting





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