Sci-Fi Tunnel Pack Modular Lowpoly

Lowpoly Sci-Fi Tunnel Pack with PBR Textures

This pack has modular parts that match eachother so it can be used for creating a sci-fi tunnel as big and as complex as you want.

The polycount of all the parts together is 20k polys so it can be used perfectly for a game and it works fine,

The textures have a resolution of 4096×4096, and were exported as Vray, Unity, UE4, and PBR_Metallic in case you need it in a different Engine that allows PBR textures

Notice I show a quick TEST in this video( that I made with this pack just to check the different parts works fine and they can be used to built a sci fi enviroment, the scene of the video is not included in the pack is just a quick example to show the pack.

All the parts are unwraped in a single 4k map layout and also all of them have bevelign in the normal map so they look more realistic,

The renders of the promo were made using Vray notice the Vray scene is not included in the pack, the pack only includes the objects and their textures

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