Sculpting an Alien in Blender 2.8

In this series, we’ll be discussing a typical concept sculpt workflow within Blender 2.8.
With more than 2.5 hours of content, we’ll be covering topics both beginners and intermediate artists will benefit from.
We’re applying everything we’ve learned over the past 13 years and simplifying it in an easy to follow and digestible format.

Tailored for beginners

We’ll be tackling a lot of common mistakes beginners tend to make when sculpting. As well as give you the tools you need to be able to approach a ‘blank canvas’ and in the end create something that looks appealing and realistic.

Easy to understand approach to fundamentals

Many of the ideas and concepts we cover, focus on fundamentals and how you can apply the anatomy of the face to an alien character.
We share many similarities, and once that clicks, you will be able to tweak and adjust the anatomy of your own concepts.

This series is fully narrated and is a mix of real-time and time-lapsed footage. The time-lapsed parts tend to be the more repetitive aspects of sculpting. So everything is tailored to give you the best possible learning experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Solid Sculpting fundamentals
  • Demystify sculpting in Blender
  • Approaching a ‘Blank Canvas’
  • Produce a refined sculpt

Chapter list

  • Chapter 01 – From Sphere to base
  • Chapter 02 – Using Voxel Remesher
  • Chapter 03 – Refine the Internal Shape
  • Chapter 04 – Adding Secondary Details
  • Chapter 05 – Refine Our Detail Level
  • Chapter 06 – Adding Fine Details
  • Chapter 07 – Creating More Detail
  • Chapter 08 – Quick Costume for Silhouette
  • Chapter 09 – Asymmetry and Finalizing
  • Chapter 10 – Bonus ZBrush Chapter

Free Chapter

The videos were recorded in the Blender Sculpting Branch. All features used in this tutorial are now a part of Blender as of version 2.81

Credit: Based on concept by DOE . Ramil Sunga and sculpture by Christopher Cao

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