Sculpting the Human Head From Scratch – Not Narrated

Hey 🙂

With this video, I will show you the whole process of sculpting the human head from a sphere. Without cuts. In real time. Teaching everything.

In my opinion any artist who wants to improve and have a future in the industry must know how to sculpt the human head from scratch. Basemeshes are fine when you already know how to sculpt, but knowing how to do it from scratch is a must.

I will combine traditional sculpting techniques with the advantages that digital sculpting gives us.

I recommend this product to artists who have some experience with Zbrush and want to take their sculpting to the next level.

With the purchase of this product, you will receive a 1080p 2-hour long video with which, through observation and imitation, you will learn new techniques to incorporate into your workflow. You will also receive the file with all the undo-history of Zbrush from a sphere to the final model.

The video is not narrated, it has subtitles to explain key moments of the process, but I think the best way to learn is to observe the process several times and try to imitate it. This is the way I learned, by internalizing the forms and techniques.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful to many artists, I have tried to create what I would have liked to have when I started sculpting.


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