Set of Knobcone Pine Tree (pinus Attenuata)

2 different Knobcone pine trees in the scene.

The knobcone pine, Pinus attenuata (also called Pinus tuberculata), is a tree that grows in mild climates on poor soils. It ranges from the mountains of southern Oregon to Baja California. It prefers dry rocky mountain soils. The bark is smooth, flaky and gray-brown when young, becoming dark gray-red-brown and shallowly furrowed into flat scaly ridges. The twigs are red-brown and often resinous. The leaves are in fascicles of three, needle-like, yellow-green, twisted, and 9–15 cm long.

Polygons (Total number of scene): 1,376,041

Verts (Total number of scene): 2,446,471

Knobcone pine1: 4 m

Knobcone pine2: 3/25 m

In the archive: 3ds max (V-ray-2014), FBX, OBJ, Blender, Cinema 4D and …

* Features:

-Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views

– Clean Topology

– Unwrapped Overlapping

– Real-World Scale

– Transformed into zero

– Objects Named

– Materials Named

– Units: Centimeters

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