Set of Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia Trees (Frisia Black Locust) (2 Trees)

2 different Robinia Frisia trees in the scene.

Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known in its native territory as black locust, is a medium-sized hardwood deciduous tree, belonging to the tribe Robinieae. It is endemic to a few small areas of the United States, but it has been widely planted and naturalized elsewhere in temperate North America, Europe, Southern Africa and Asia and is considered an invasive species in some areas. Another common name is false acacia, a literal translation of the specific name (pseudo meaning fake or false and acacia referring to the genus of plants with the same name). Its a Deciduous tree, to 15 m high and a spread of 8 m, oval with upright branches, young shoots have wine-red prickles (thorns). Leaves similar to the species type but bright yellow in spring then greenish-yellow in summer. Frisia a selection with bright yellow-green leaves and red prickles, is occasionally planted as an ornamental tree.

Polygons (Total number of 2 trees): 1,484,170

Verts (Total number of 2 trees): 1,455,798

Robinia Frisia1: 14 m

Robinia Frisia2: 13 m

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