Splash Fx for Maya

Update: 06/04/2022 Fixed transform nodes in splashA


This is a 3-asset pack.  3 splashes, each with independent sections.  In total: 8 splash elements.

Splash A: Front, back and “bloop” This is good for splashes which surround an object, and need to clearly have water in front and behind.  The “bloop” is a tiny droplet.

Splash B: Front and back.  Like Splash A , good for object splashes but with a different design.

Splash C: An “upshoot” style splash, this is more of a secondary effect for wake against a boat or detail foam around a geyser.

Combined, these three splash effects should give you as much variation and mileage as you’d need for any film or game project.  The assets are exportable as alembic, and have a very simple UV setup should you require to apply some kind of texture.

These are “Camera-facing” assets and while they are fully sculpted in 3D, they are not meant to be shot from the side and have no motion blur data.  There’s about 45 degrees of freedom to rotate before they start to appear flat – so in this way these splashes are quite different from your usual baked fluid sim.

The pros are high calibre hand design, ease of animation, quick on render, light on system resources and drag and drop usability.

The cons are you can’t shoot from the side, and object based motion blur is not supported.

I have plans to bake motion blur information directly into the geometry by hand painting the motion vectors, but that will have to wait for a future release.

I hope you get some good use out of my splash pack, and if you have any questions or feature requests don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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