Shore Trooper Blaster E-22 from Star Wars Rogue One 2016

Model dimensions:
– length – 815 mm
– height – 195.5 mm
– width – 159.5 mm

Model consists of parts: barrel boss 1, barrel boss 2, barrel front hub, barrel middle hub, barrel middle stripe, barrel part 1, barrel part 2, barrel part 3, barrel rear hub, barrel sleeve 1, barrel sleeve 2, barrel tube 1, barrel tube 2, body part 1, body part 2, cartridge housing, cartridge top insert, cartridge, charging handle, ejection port guard, ejection port, flashlight front part, flashlight lens, flashlight middle part, flashlight rear part, handle, left rear insert, left side bar, left side handle insert, left side plate 1, left side plate 2, long stripe insert (6 items), rear bottom insert, rear bottom pin, rear insert, rear sight, rear top insert, right rear insert, right side bar, right side handle insert 1, right side handle insert 2, right side plate 1, right side plate 2, scope front part, scope middle part, scope rail, scope rear part, scope stand 1, scope stand 2, short stripe insert (8 items), side box front insert, side box side insert, side box top insert, side box, side indicator housing, side indicator, side trigger, trigger.

During assembly, use guiding rods d=8 mm.
Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 5.0.99.

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