Simple Kitbash Bundle #ultimate!1

Deceptively simple and clean mechanical engineering kitbash loosely created from real life blueprints with some interpretation. Used in detail-work but works well for almost anything from learning to kit-bashing.

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Work that principled BSDF node! Easy to customize the assets with new materials and effects.

Destructive modelling all the way. No modifier stack to manage here except for bevels 🙂 Clean topology but not optimized for mobile.

Release your creativity and simply use your time effectively. Don’t waste precious time on tedious tasks when you could be spending it making the next digital Mona Liza!1

Mesh Details:

Geometry type = Non Sub D
Triangulated = No
Materials/Textures= No
Unwrapped = No
Files included = .blend/FBX
Boolean applied = Yes

Contains ~215 unique models from:

Connector Kitbash Pack 1-6
Industry Kitbash Pack 1-6

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