Simplifying Color Theory

Color is an extremely dense topic, one that many artists struggle with. In Volume 1 of my new ‘Color Chat’ series, we take a few hours to Simplify Color Theory!

This tutorial set features a 2-hour video lecture, including topics such as:

  • Three questions you should ask yourself while painting to frame your color choices in a believable, coherent way
  • Eliminate some key “problem areas” that many artists struggle with regarding picking color
  • Learn how to avoid “muddy colors”, and actually also learn to embrace them for added impact on your art
  • Learn how to read the Color Wheel quickly and effectively
  • Check your values correctly, every time!
  • Learn some industry-standard tips and tricks to getting proper mood within your art
  • How the Masters handled color
  • Limited palette usage

….and much more!

This tutorial set features the two hour real-time video lecture, a helpful PDF resource sheet, PSD example files from the tutorials, and various reference tools and images that we discuss in-depth!

This course is set up like a chat with your own private art mentor, so while there are a LOT of moving parts and topics discussed, the lecture format is set up to be watchable multiple times, gaining new information on each viewing!

If you’re a newer digital artist, there’s a LOT to unpack here, and you’ll learn some industry-standard techniques to get a solid understanding of color usage, quickly! But if you’re an intermediate or advanced level artist, this tutorial may shed some light on a few unique tweaks to the general Color Theory understanding you may have learned in your atelier or self-taught experience! There’s something for everyone with this pack!

These lessons will continue on further installments of “Color Chat”, as one tutorial simply wouldn’t be enough!

“Simplifying Color Theory” is a great place for new artists, and even experienced/professional artists, to get a slightly different look at ways of using color to bring out the best in your artistic workflow!


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  • Great quick talk

    I learn something great from the talk

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