Space Craft Solar Panels Mars Colony Spaceship Collection Pack

Space Craft Package Best Buy (Panels, Mars Colony, Spaceship) All great quality! Best Buy Pack!

Space Craft Package (Panels, Mars Colony, Spaceship) Collection Si-Fi Collection Models Pack (Scene and Vehicles)

Space Mars, Space, 3D, Model

machine, technology, mars, car, vehicle, industry, astronomy, space, science, saturn, spacecraft, machinery, power, robot, other


You can offer your Price! This model is provided as obj, fbx and SPP format. Different versions of 3ds max scenes are provided. FULL 2K and 4K SubstancePainter Up to 8K – file provided. Provides full textures for the Mars Rover. Textures in the resolution of 4096×4096 up 8K!!!. Enjoy using! 🙂 Included:

Models in .FBX format (multi format). Models in .OBJ format (multi format). Models in .3DS format Those files/format can be imported into the vast majority of your favorite Softwares (Best recommended is FBX Format): 3Ds MAX / Maya / Lightwave / Cinema 4D / Blender / Daz 3D / Sketchup / Unity / Unreal Engine, etc… Set of Vehicles. No animated parts, script or LOD. Container and engines are separated parts, can be animated, see previews.

Textures included: Different color schemes / PBR Materials (see previews) Diffuse maps 4096×4096 Normal maps 4096×4096 Roughness maps 4096×4096 Metallic maps 4096×4096 AO maps 4096×4096 Glow maps 4096×4096

Models List:



Hope you enjoy!

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Value of these assets of $5500! Mars, rover, machine, technology, astronomy, space, science, spacecrafts, machinery, power, vehicle, planets, military, models, tank, sci-fi, military-vehicle, mars-planet

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