Pack of 5 high quality spaceships which could be used in fly genre game.

  • Package contains Unreal Engine project, Maya scene, also model exported as FBX files.
  • Ships are fully animated, put into engine and 100% ready for use, provided with needed shooting FXs. They also has simple AI for chase player ships.
  • Space environment with planets and asteroids also included in the package. Ships have color masks for quick changes of primary colors.
  • The textures look amazing and super realistic, tuned for Physically-Based Rendering.
  • Triangles count (typical spaceship): 26 131 tris
  • Textures resolution is 4096*4096 pixels.

Following textures included:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal map
  • AO
  • Specular
  • Illumination
  • Roughness (green channel in_m texture)
  • Metalness (red channel in_m texture)

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