What’s new?

  • Improvement around visualizing motion paths 
  • Custom keymap 

What this add-on tries to achieve is to remove all the time wasted on making a bone to behave in specific ways. Animators have to control 3 curves at once when dealing with location, Euler rotation and scale, and 4 curves when dealing with quaternion rotation multiplied by a number of the bones. Therefore, this add-on offers a set of tools that will make this process as easy as possible and minimizes the use of the graph editor so you can work directly in the 3D View.


  • 1 – Curve transformation
  • 2 – Smoothing
  • 3 – Weight adjusting
  • 3.1 – key-frame removal
  • 4 – Transform offset

Curve transformation:

Transforming a bone will directly affect curves and no key-frame will be added Any move, rotation, or scale will make curves to be in a way so they get to be in the exact transformation you want, you can do that by selecting spacing sculptor and press G for Move, R for Rotate, and S for Scale Note* this tool will only be effective when there is key-frame after and before current frame otherwise it will just add a key-frame for targeted transformation so the bone’s transformation won’t be lost after transformation 


Smoothing motion between 2 key-frame

You can enable tool by selecting spacing sculptor and press (Ctrl + R) after enabling the tool you have quite some options:

 A – Press Up and Down arrows to change how smooth you want the spacing to become (mouse wheel can be used as well) use shift for extra precision. 

 B – Press the right mouse button to switch between easing and linear motion.

 C – Press right arrow and smoothing will not take place for the next frame; the left arrow is used for the previous frame. D – Press ctrl + up and down arrows will set weight for easing (ctrl + mouse wheel can be used as well) use shift for extra precision.

 E – You can directly set up smoothing values in the Tool setting 

Weight adjusting: 

This tool controls the spacing between 2 key-frames 

You can enable tool by selecting spacing sculptor and press (E) after enabling the tool available options are: 

A – Up and Down Arrows control weight, use shift for extra precision. 

B – Right Mouse button toggles a mode that adds some easing into the motion. 

C – You can preset the value Tool setting 

Note*no change will occur for locked curves 

Key-frame removal:

 Key-frame will be removed but will keep bone’s transformation, this tool is used when you already have a key-frame and you want to remove the key-frame with minimal effect on animation This tool doesn’t require spacing sculptor to be selected you can access this tool just by pressing (X) and a pie menu will pop up 

Now you can chose what key-frame you want to remove but keep that transformation as they are for Location – removes all location key-frame for that frame. Rotation – removes all rotation key-frame for that frame. Scaling – removes all scale key-frame for that frame. LocRotScale – removes all key-frame for that frame. 

Transform offset: 

Any transformation change you make will affect all existing key-frames, moving bone by 1 unit on any axis will make all key-frames move by 1 unit, you are not constrained with one axis or local space, bone can be effected on multiple axis regardless of transformation ordination. With spacing sculptor is selected (Shift + G) is for moving, (Shift + R) is for rotating, and finally (shift + S) is for scaling

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