Speed Tree Import Helper v4.6


Hi everyone, SpeedTree_Import_Helper is an addon for importing assets made by Speedtree into Blender. It can read stmat files and support the simultaneous batch import of files in ABC, FBX, and OBJ formats, and automatically link material nodes. It makes the Speedtree assets in Blender easier and quicker to use. 

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Working Environment

Blender 2.79, 2.80, 2.81 

Installation Method

Blender Addons manager installation

Blender->Edit->Preferences->Addons->Install from file…

Define path and select SpeedTree_Import_Helper executable file

Feature Introductions

  1. Reads stmat files, and simultaneously imports files in ABC, OBJ, and FBX formats in batches
  2. Supports Cycle Renderer and Eevee Renderer
  3. Connects the maps by using PBR material nodes 
  4. Lets users freely change the intensity of the backlight when importing files 

Other Features

  1. Lets users choose whether to create image nodes or not for the missing textures
  2. Corrects the scale and rotation of the model of the FBX format 

Planned Features

  1. Supports the import of vertex colors and makes the color of trees richer
  2. Supports Collection
  3. Supports the automatic switch to ACEScg color space 


  1. The textures, model files, and Smart files exported from SpeedTree need to be placed in the same folder
  2. If you use the addon in Blender 2.79, you must set render engine to Cycles, otherwise, it will fail to import files
  3. The speed of importing the models of OBJ and FBX formats will be slower than the ABC format because of Blender itself 
  4. Blender cannot import ABC files of data types in HDF5 format due to the limitation of Blender itself 

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