We make a lot of actions with our mouse or drawing tablet which are time-wasting action and we can do a big part of these things with our keyboard.

By using a keyboard instead of a mouse, saves a lot of time, It helps us to work faster and more productive. Instead of moving mouse from one place to another, just use single keyboard shortcuts.

For example, you just need to hit Ctrl+C to copy something and Ctrl+V to paste instead of right-click on what you want to copy, then click on the copy function then hover to the place you want to paste it, right-click here and click on Paste. Wow how long it is to just present it, imagine how long it is to do instead of using keyboard shortcuts.

Now we will maximize this skill and I show you how we can use Keyboard shortcuts for nearly anything in Zbrush.

During the course you will:

  • Learn the importance of customizing the user interface
  • Learn the importance of the keyboard shortcuts and use them
  • Learn how to customize your user interface in Zbrush
  • Learn how to record actions and use them later with one click
  • Learn how to assign a hotkey to nearly every function and brush
  • Learn how to create custom pop up menus

Follow my Zbrush class and create your own Custom User Interface with me! Even more, create your own versions and share it with me and the others! You can download the user interface that I make during the class.

I will go slowly explaining all the tools, but if you miss something, or have a question, feel free to ask! 🙂

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