Spider Drone V0 | 4 Skins | Animated

Spider Drone V0 | 4 Skins | Animated

This is a game ready,low-poly model, of a space spider mecha. You can use it for a game, animation, practice, or you can rip it apart and build a completely different mech, using its parts. Note, that the rig is only valid for this particular configuration.

Original scene is in 3D Max, contains a model and one material. Besides that, it also comes in classic OBJ and FBX formats. For “SciFi,RedManga and Wood” ,there are four 4K texture files in .tga format (diffuse/emissive/specular/normal) , while Cybertech material has five + ,(PBR specular setup, diff, emiss, spec, gloss, norm + Unity PBR TGA)

There are 11 animations, separated into FBXs  ( Big shot, crawl hurt, dancing, death, death twitchy, got hit, idle robotic, jumping, shooting crowd control, spider shooting, spider walking )


If you need any other information, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your model, and thank you very much for your support!  🙂

Kind regards,


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