Status 12 Inch Oscillating Desk Fan

Height: 41.5 cm
width: 31x 23cm
Polygons: 90,104
Vertices: 90,611
3dsmax 2015
v-ray 5
corona 5
3 Different material
copper, gold and steel
Texture 2K

This Copper 12 Inch Oscillating Desk Fan from Status allows you to direct your fan comfortably in any direction.

The angle is easy to adjust for your benefit so that you can cool down quickly at your desk.

It comes with three adjustable speed options of high, medium and low that gives you full control over your desired air-flow which is handy for when you just want a slight breeze.

It’s easy to assemble with instructions given and a three speed push button that you can press with ease.

It has a near silent operation so you won’t be disturbed when you’re working or watching TV and has a sleek, contemporary design that will look great yet isn’t obtrusive.

You can keep this desk fan in your home office or take it to work if you wish to as it’s portable so can be moved around on your desk and taken with you wherever you go.

You’ll feel cooler and ready to start your day at work feeling comfortable again during those long hot summer days with this desk fan by your side.

It can also oscillate from left to right to give you cooler air because of the way the air will be distributed evenly.

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