Stone Floor With Snow – Substance Designer

You get the full Substance Graph (.sbs), smart material (.sbsar) and textures. You can follow the process of creating the material through its complete and ordered Graph. Depending on the material you buy, you can see different types of workflows and good practices to get different types of shapes and materials.

I exposed some parameters so you can make a lot of combinations! With the full Graph you can see, edit, play, export new textures, etc…


Full Substance Graph (.sbs) Smart material (.sbsar) Stone Floor Textures Stone Floor with Snow Textures Textures in TGA File Format. (4K and 2K) This is only as a presentation since you can re-export the textures from Substance Designer in the format and resolution you need (and the software allows).


The content cannot be redistributed or resold.


You need Substance Designer 2017 or newer. This product is non-refundable

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