Street Assets Game Ready

See the videos for more information:



All the model is photorealistic model for use in 3D visualisations, Games and VFX.

It’s 20 models with LOD and variant textures, take a look in the video for all information.


  • SM_Barrel
  • SM_BarrelOpen
  • SM_Bottle
  • SM_Can
  • SM_CanOpen
  • SM_CanSmashed
  • SM_Cardbox1
  • SM_Cardbox2
  • SM_Cardbox3
  • SM_Dumpster
  • SM_Pallet1
  • SM_Pallet2
  • SM_Pallet3
  • SM_Tire
  • SM_Wheel
  • SM_TrashBagA
  • SM_TrashBagB
  • SM_TrashBagC
  • SM_TrashCan
  • SM_TrashCanLid


The textures are in 4k and 2K.

  • Base Color
  • Roughness
  • Metalness
  • Height
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Normal

If you want the texture for Unreal or Unity, send me a e-mail ([email protected])

Enjoy it.

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