Structural Head Drawing I: Construction Fundamentals

Structural Head Drawing I: Construction Fundamentals

This video is an introduction to the tools and ideas of structural drawing and how we can use them to construct a basic head.

We’ll start by learning how to hold the pencil and how to draw straight lines and curves. From there, we’ll build on these concepts to begin drawing 2D shapes and 3D forms.

Once you’re comfortable thinking in 3D space, we’ll explore how we can combine forms to create a simple model of the head. From there, we’ll add complexity one bit at a time, starting with basic proportions and ending with a detailed analysis of the planes of the head.

Tags: Structural, Head, Drawing, video, introduction, 2D shapes, 3D forms, 3D, 2D


  • 3+ hours of real-time HD video
  • Materials list

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