[studio] Gs Curvetools V1.2 – Maya Plug-in. Curve Controlled Hair Cards, Pipes and More.

[Studio] GS CurveTools v1.2 – Maya Plug-in. Curve Controlled Hair Cards, Pipes and more.


This is a Studio and Full Commercial License and you can use it if you:

  1. Work for a studio with 2+ employees.
  2. Represent/Own a studio with 2+ employees and you wish to use this plug-in in a commercial project.
  3. Any other type of commercial work (but NOT reselling)

For Personal License (Solo Indie Developers or Freelancers) you can buy Personal Version: LINK

Thank you!


GS CurveTools v1.2

V1.2 New Features:

New Update Video

V1.1 New Features:

V1.0 Full Tutorial:

GS CurveTools is a powerful tool used to create and manipulate geometry cards and tubes (Curve Cards and Curve Tubes). GS CurveTools can be used in numerous workflows, from hair card creation, to creation of complex procedural braided cables and much more.

The main power of GS CurveTools is its ability to quickly create complex network of nodes, tailored for fast manipulation of geometry in a smooth and natural way.

One of the main focuses of GS CurveTools is Hair Cards workflow. Almost every game out there uses some form of hair cards to create complex and beautiful hair styles for its main characters. To be able to quickly create new hair cards, convert curves to hair cards and quickly change its parameters is very important part of GS CurveTools workflow.


If you have any issues with the UVs in Maya 2020-2022, this is totally fine and fixable. 

Here’s how to fix UVs: LINK


Online Documentation

Artwork Demo for v1.2: Artwork Link

New Features v1.1: Blog Post

Artwork Demo for v1.1: Artwork Link

Quick Tutorial v1.0: Blog Post

Artwork Demo for v1.0: Artwork Link

Main Features of GS CurveTools:

  • Full support of High DPI resolutions (from 1080p to 4k+)
  • Fast creation of procedural geometry cards and tubes
  • Conversion of already existing curves to curve cards/tubes
  • Ability to quickly populate empty spaces between curves with new curve cards/tubes
  • Advanced control over geometry. Twist and change Width at any point on the curve!
  • Combine multiple cards and tubes and control them with one curve using Warp function.
  • Intuitive and fast controls for created curves
  • Powerful layer system for create curves/tubes
  • Fast selection and grouping of curves
  • Transfer of attributes and UVs between curve cards
  • Interactive rebuild of existing curves for additional complexity or vice versa, to simplify control.
  • Duplicate entire network of curves with one button
  • Randomize created curves to add realism
  • Smooth/Extend/Reduce created curves
  • Control multiple curves with Control Curve deformer
  • Custom window for all curve controls


  1. Unpack gs_curvetools.zip and copy gs_curvetools folder to:
    • Windows: Documents/Maya/{Maya_Version}/scripts/
    • Mac: {Your_Mac_Name}/⁨Users⁩/{User_Name}/⁨Library/⁨Preferences⁩/⁨Autodesk⁩/⁨maya/{Maya_Version}/scripts/⁩
  2. Run Maya
  3. Copy and paste this command to Python Command Field (Switch from MEL by clicking on it) or to Script Editor (Python Tab):

import gs_curvetools.init as ct_init;from imp import reload;reload(ct_init);ct_init.Init();

IMPORTANT: There should be no spaces or tabs before this command!

4. Run the code (Press Enter if using the Python Command Field or press on triangle if using Script Editor Window)

Installation with screenshots: LINK

DISCORD SERVER (For suggestions, bug reports and sharing your art):

Discord Server




  • 2018.6
  • 2019.3
  • 2019.3.1
  • 2020.4
  • 2022.4
  • 2023.0
  • 2023.1


  • Tested and supported: Maya 2018-2023 for Windows
  • In Beta: Maya 2018-2023 for Mac
  • Not tested and not supportedLinux and Maya LT


  1. Delete the old gs_curvetools folder and replace it with the new one.
  2. Repeat the installation steps.


All future updates are free!

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