Stylized Birch Pack

You will get: Unreal Engine Scene/ Blender scene/ fbx / tga

Meshes: 6 unique birch trees / 4 bushes use the same texture atlas [*fbx]


  • T_Plant Tree Birch Leaves _BCO/N/RTA – 2048×2048 *tga
  • T_Tree Bark Birch White _BC/N/RHA – 2048×4096 *tga
  • T_Tree Bark Birch Black _BC/N/RHA – 2048×4096 *tga
  • T_Tree Bark Patch _O [512×1024 *tga]

Unreal Engine 4.26+ Assets Overview Scene

Master Materials: Foliage / Bark_VertexPaint / Bark_Patch / Leaves Particle in UE scene

Here is the video presentation of the birch tree’s material features.

  • Tint variations
  • Vertex blended bark textures on the trunk (dark and white bark )
  • Wind Vertex painted
  • Collision
  • Lightmaps

*Part of the Forest Pack

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