Stylized Gravestones / Tombstones

A set of 9 stylized Gravestones. Each Gravestone has proper, non – overlapping UVs and a texture set (BaseColor, metallic, normal, roughness). The Substance Painter File (v.8.1.2) and the Substance Smart Material (.spsm) used is include in the Product, so it easily can be adjusted and you also can create new assets in the same style. The Triangle count is between 324 and 1488. The gravestone should serve as a solid stylized base. Substance Painter file and high-polys are included, if you want to add your own touch (text,skulls, etc.) it should be quiet easy to do so. 

The Maya scene is set-up with Redshift Materials (v.3.5.03). The scene includes the low-poly models with redshift Materials and the high-polys. All the renders where done with redshift in maya. (*Render Setup like cameras/lights are not include)

The Substance Painter File is created in Version 8.1.2. If you have an older version, you can try to create a new file with the low-poly. Bake Maps with the high poly and use the included Smart Material (Gravestone_Stylized) and you should get the same results.


  • 9 Low-Poly gravestones (fbx,obj)
  • 9 High-Poly gravestones (fbx,obj)
  • Maya Scene (v.2022.4)
  • Substance Painter Scene
  • Substance Smart Material


  • Triangles between 324 – 1488
  • Clean Topology
  • UVs for each Gravestone
  • Non – Overlapping UVs
  • Easy to adjust and to add more detail

Note* Substance Painter File created with Version 8.1.2 / Maya Scene created with Version 2022.4


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