Substance Designer – 31 Stylized/Handpainted Materials Package (Mayterials 2021) – Personal/Studio License

Substance Designer – 31 Handpainted/Stylized Materials Package (Mayterials) –> Incl. Tips/Tricks and they are structured <–

Done with Substance Designer Version 11.1.0 (2021.1.0)

The most materials are really detailed and have a huge amount of freedom to customize. They are well structured and it is the ideal product to experiment and help while learning substance designer. This product is great to see the various nodes in substance designer in action and also to study some methods. The materials are mostly handpainted style/stylized. I decided to do the whole mayterials challenge in a more stylized way and this was the result. I restructured/organized/documented the materials for this package.


  • It is organized in 1 Zip File
  • 31 Stylized/Handpainted materials in 31 separate SBS. files.
  • 1 Bonus Material (Bit more realistic version of the stylized scrap material)
  • All materials are structured/reorganized for this package
  • Tipps/Tricks and lot of documentation i’ve also added

For the personal license i grant you the commercial use if you are an individual/indie with up to $100K in funding or yearly revenue.

If you have any question/feedback/input/bugreport, let me know and i will look how i can further improve it. If you want to stay up to date for further projects/products follow me on ArtStation – Martin Schmitter

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