Substance Designer Mesh Importer

Substance Designer Mesh Importer


This is a plugin to import OBJ files into Substance Designer as nodes or as bitmaps, depending if you need flexibility or performance.

This plugin requires:

  • SD 2018.3.1+ (version
  • SD 2019+ (version
  • SD 2020


  • Create a node of the mesh imported if you need multiple angles (40 different angles)of it for example to scatter it, similar functionality to the 3d cube node, this is focused on flexibility when working inside Substance Designer
  • Create a simple bitmap render with a defined rotation inside your graph, this is focused on performance to keep the substance small at the price of flexibility
  • Set the name of the node/ resource
  • Define the resolution of the rendered mesh
  • Support for UV’s if you want to project a texture of the asset inside of Substance Designer

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