Substance Designer Utility Node | Dete Curve Collection

Substance Designer Utility Node | Dete Curve Collection

I get a lot of questions about how I work and how to speed up workflows in Substance Designer. For me, the solution is to create utility nodes to help with repetitive tasks.

The curve node is something that I use often. And a lot of times when I’m still iterating on the design, I use a high volume of curves to compare and contrast different ideas. That’s why I decided to put together 80 curves that I have used in past and current projects, and that I continue to use routinely when I’m prototyping. It’s been a huge time saver for me, and has allowed me to be more creative.

The Curve Collection node is divided into 4 categories, based on different types of architectural details from around the world. A large collection of reference photos were utilized to create accurate designs based on real life examples.

The Ancient category is inspired by old temples and ruins. The Classical category is inspired by Greek and Roman temples, as well as classical architecture. The Modern category features more angular shapes common in today’s architecture. Finally the Basic category is a set of simple curves that can be utilized to create hardware, buttons, etc.


  • Sbsar file of Curve utility node (80 curves)


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