Substance Designer Utility Node Pack


I have recently updated Dete Pattern Placer to version 1.1, this update is free to all who purchased the node pack on gumroad or artstation.

Release notes:

– Use with Substance Designer 2019.3.0 

– Added Pattern ID debug information, so no more confusion trying to figure out what pattern to rotate, scale etc

– Consolidated UI, better organization of Sub menus.

– Placement icons now properly disappears when using less than 8 patterns.

Check out the original post for usage guide and video of the updated fixes:

I’m always trying to find ways to increase efficiency in my workflow, and utility nodes are a great way to achieve this. I put together three of my personal Substance Designer utility nodes that have been a game-changer for me.

  • Dete Pattern Placer – Find yourself creating chains of blend nodes and transforms? This node packages everything into one neat tool, where you can place, move, scale, rotate and adjust depth all in one place. Choose between one singular input or place multiple different patterns. You also have the ability to snap, rotate, as well as move and define your own snap settings.
  • Dete Duplicator – I created this node for myself when working on a few graphic designs inside Substance Designer. It offsets each pattern by the same distance and can create really cool patterns with ease.
  • Dete Clamp – This node can extrude/extend a pattern in a defined direction. Useful for creating intricate shapes.

Bonus, I’ve also included DeteDirectionalWarp and DeteLowPassing, two nodes available for free but non the less useful.

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