Texturing Tutorial – Using Zbrush for Stylized Textures

I made this tutorial to share my process to create stylized textures. Strong from my experience in the video games industry for more than 10 years and being in big companies like Ubisoft or Blizzard Entertainment, I wanted to share some of my knowledge in some processes like sculpting in Zbrush, baking in Marmoset Toolbag or painting in Photoshop.

The videos in this tutorial are commented in English with English subtitles.


  • 7h video tutorial with English commentary and subtitles
  • Final Psd texture file
  • Final Ztool file
  • 11 Zbrush Matcaps
  • 1 custom Zbrush brush
  • 1 Abr Photoshop file
  • Basemesh 3dsmax scene
  • Final Marmoset Toolbag scene
  • 1 Psd concept art

5 Chapters

  • 00_Intro
  • 01_Basemesh
  • 02_Zbrush_sculpt (3 videos)
  • 03_Baking and set up
  • 04_Photoshop_ foundation
  • 05_Photoshop_Paint Over (2 videos)


  • Photoshop CS
  • Zbrush 2018
  • Marmoset Toolbag 3
  • 3Ds Max (equivalent would work too)

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