The Beginner Drawing Course 2nd Ed.

Don’t listen to anyone when they say you need talent to learn how to draw.

They’re trying to limit you– to pull you down and deter you from expressing what you aim to express. Whether it’s one person, a toxic discord channel, or the whole internet,

You can prove them wrong.

This is the Drawing course you’ve been waiting for. Every fundamental that masterful artists have used and developed for centuries, taught to you in short, easy-to-digest lessons.

No longer will you have to fear the blank page, or making “bad” drawings.

The journey is yours, and you are the hero of it. Each session will leave you with the tools you need to succeed, all in one convenient course.

And yes, we start from square one together. The simplest shapes, and the most basic building blocks will accompany your hand and mind.

But as we progress, those deceptively basic exercises will grow into indispensable integrities, giving structure, power, and appeal to your work.

You can start with no knowledge, or even inaccurate knowledge (which I invite you to throw into the bushes on your way inside.) And grow to become a self-directed, self-taught artist.

We’ll Cover:

  • Proportions
  • Construction
  • Warm-ups
  • Easy to Intermediate drawings
  • Light and Shadow
  • Perspective Basics
  • The Human Figure
  • The Human Face
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Basic Shapes
  • Composition 101
  • Line theory and line work exercises
  • Drawing with and without reference

You will have a clear roadmap of the journey laid out for you. You will know exactly what to do next, including when you’re ready to move from one assignment and lesson to another.

In the beginning you will need clearer guidelines, but as the course progresses, and you feel your drawing wings begin to develop, there will be more room to soar.

You will feel the unbridled joy of artistic ascent, rushing you to the skies of creative capacity.

Yes, drawing can feel like that.

But worry not, if you’re uncertain of yourself or if you have what it takes, I assure you that you needn’t. You have exactly what it takes to draw.

If you will set aside your judgements of good or bad, to simply draw with the intent of improvement, and if you will stoke daily the fires of your creative hearth (which I will show you a bevy of ways to do) then you cannot help but move forward.

Lesson Plan:

  • 1. Drawing Basics – Starting Simple
  • 2. Fundamentals – The basis of drawing evolution
  • 3. Drawing from life – Going to the source and what it teaches
  • 4. Quick Sketching 101 – laying foundations fast
  • 5. Drawing Development – Refining your base work
  • 6. Easy and effective perspective – Create an instant feeling of space.
  • 7. Creative drawing – Using Reference as a path to success.
  • 8. Shading and Values – Working with Light and the marks that describe it

Each lesson includes several videos around 3-20 minutes long, with exercises and assignments at the end of the lesson!

In other words, it’s always easy to take action.

Now, let’s begin shall we?

( Also, if you skipped all the way to the bottom, go back and read the description to make sure this course is right for you!)

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