Tower Defense

Tower fully textured, sculpted and rendered with Physical based rendering (PBR) – Shown images have been rendered in Marmoset Toolbag . Model contains lods.Detailed information about the lods is in the screenshots. The model is perfect for games in style Tower Defense .

High Quality textures

-Tower Texture 4096×4096 (tga).







Verts: 1106 (LOD0),1009(LOD1),726(LOD2).

Edges: 2081 (LOD0),1955(LOD1),1388(LOD2).

Faces: 1001 (LOD0),972(LOD1),688(LOD2).

Tris: 1984 (LOD0),1802(LOD1),1242(LOD2).

File formats:

-Fbx(Binary) 2019

-Fbx(ASCII) 2019

-Maya 2019

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